Saturday, May 8, 2010

favorite things; 8

Visiting Yarn Shops


sufferingsummer said...

yes please.

Cydney Alexis said...

I always end up buying a ton of yarn, getting excited about projects, and then abandoning them halfway. Although I did make my best friend a blanket for her first-born. I was planning on making a shawl for my mom, and I bought really fine yarn that I didn't know really required a winder, and now that ball o yarn looks like someone was playing cat's cradle with it.

Bonney boys said...

Jenn, you would love a little place here in Madison called Lakeside Fibers. It kind of reminds me of the place on Bainbridge Island whose name is escaping me right now. Either way, I wish you and I lived closer so you could help me finish all the projects I've started but am stuck on.