Monday, August 31, 2009

In which I link a lot and reveal my strange thought process

I had some old cotton, the really over washed creamy feeling kind that my grandmother gave me. It had been embroidered by someone in her family, a sister or her mother or Auntie Mod. She wasn't sure who anymore. It was most likely used as a small table cloth or tea towel.

Its worn and a little shabby but I needed to use it for something. Optimally something I could see everyday :)
Then I was reading this delightful blog and saw how she has her flour kept in a canning pot. Genius. I have been searching for something to keep my flour in. The canisters you can buy are never big enough for the amount of flour I use to bake bread(and once again I am going to say buy this bread book. You will not be sorry). So its either keep refilling the canister or keep it in the bag, which will inevitably get a hole in it. Then I started thinking about flour sacks. Why in the world did they start packaging flour in paper?! And I knew; this is how I would use that sweet creamy hand embroidered cloth.
A seam up the side and one for the bottom and I had my own little flour sack to line my canning pot.

Finally a place for the flour.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I hate to say it but Thanks Again Martha.

Once again Martha's crack team of crafty-foodie-super-wonders have created a recipe that I know will inevitably become a family tradition. We will leave my opinions and Martha rant at that.
It was hot.
We saw this recipe in the new Martha my mom lent me. We had a honey dew. We used milk instead of cream tho and skipped the pistachios. But darn those popsicles were good!
The girls can't get enough.

And the dog really wishes they would share.

It was really fun to pull out the Tupperware from my childhood and do this for the first time with the girls. They thought it was pretty much magic. And as far as I'm concerned, it was.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Of Sand, and Knitting

It was hot today. I didn't expect that.

So an impromptu afternoon trip to the beach was due.

The girls were more then happy to go off by themselves and cover themselves with sand.

Which gave me an opportunity to do some beach knitting.
This is my new project.

Its a blanket for Fiona(her choice, not sure she needs one but she wants one). This last month I desperately needed some simple knitting. Things were just too much with the move and all for me to handle anything else. So when I found the pile of pink super soft yarn I bought forever ago to make her something or other I decided to just jump in and start knitting. Garter stitch. Lots and lots of garter stitch.
Just what I needed.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Shooting from the hip in the town closest to our new home.

I kinda want to mail every letter I ever write here.

Clearly Im needing a bit of practice with this whole shooting from the hip thing. Stuff tends to get a wee tipsy.....but Im really liking the new perspective.

And here is a peek at our new backyard. Behind that fence is a large forest that we are itching to explore

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We have spent August moving. And are still adjusting to it all. Internet has had issues since we have arrived at our new home but I hope to be up and running again very soon :)