Friday, April 16, 2010

The Experimental Cowl

First inspired by this pattern for a burberry knock off cowl then taken to another level by dyeing and felting.
I began with plain jane Lion brand fisherman's wool and some nice chunky size 10 needles

I knew it couldn't stay this color when I began and I knew that husband wouldn't wear it if it was wool.

So the obvious solution(in my crazy mind this is obvious :) was to knit it way bigger then needed, dye it in coffee and vinegar, then felt it


And I kinda love how it came out.

Too bad spring is here...its going to have to wait until fall to really get worn but come winter this will be just the cozy thing for husband to sport.


Shea's Mom said...

Beautiful! Love the coffee dye but why vinegar? Does that seal the color somehow?


Bonney boys said...

Oh MY GOSH! I LOVED that burberry scarf and longed for it...but forget paying hundreds of dollars for theirs when what you are making is 1,000 times better. I so loved that you dyed it in coffee - so, of course, would Ryan! Are you selling these?

Jenn said...

Thanks ladies! We love the cowl too. Husband and I are constantly stealing it from each other.
Yes, the vinegar sets the color better in the wool so it won't wash out over time. I couldn't tell you why this is but I'v always used it. Although I don't recommended the stench of coffee and vinegar in your kitchen for hours :)
As for selling these...hmmm I hadn't thought of it but I would be willing to whip up a special order for you Mrs. Bonney if you are serious that would beat the Burberry ticket price