Monday, December 14, 2009

Minty Yum

Im sure I wasn't the first to make these cookies......I know for a fact Im not but I thought I would share something that is new to us this holiday. I found Andes mint chips at the store last week and decided to make my usual chocolate chip cookie substituting those for chocolate chips. And let me just tell ya. These are some darn good cookies! In fact they are so good that husband packed them into bags and hid them so he wouldn't eat them. He hid them so well we now cant find them. So I made another batch today. We went to a different store today and they didn't carry the Andes mint chips. After the initial panic I realized that I could buy the little mint candy bars and chop them up. So we did.

It seemed a bit mintier then last time so we added 1/3 package of chocolate chips.

It was not a mistake.

So good.
Kinda like a Frango mint....if you can remember those....if you can't then imagine a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha in a cookie. Then after all that imagining go make yourself some!


autumn said...

umm yes please! and Frangos, I adore them. Macy's still sells them- and I have to resist every time I see them!

Jenn said...

Ahhh yes. The frango weakness is in many of us :)
You should make these now! Let me know if you want my recipe

sufferingsummer said...


Catpad said...

yumm.. looks really good

Bonney boys said...

Anything with Andes mints is good by me. I think I'll just chop some up and add them in place of half my bag of chips next time. What a lovely break with the norm. Thanks for sharing!