Monday, July 6, 2009

Spud & Chloe Love

Today I am packing boxes, and finding about a bazillion unfinished projects in my office so I thought I would pop by to say I really want to sit down in a nice cozy chair by a crackling fire with a glass of wine and listen to the new Cat Stevens and knit this from Spud & Chloe
(they have lots and lots of other super fantastic knitty things so you should go and check it out)
And this has done nothing to help my packing progress but I feel a little better having put this little desire out there.


autumn said...

This looks like something you would find hanging in the front of Anthro for roughly $200493828394. Beautiful and I cannot belive anyone can actually make that...incredible!

Shea's Mom said...

That does sound cozy.

I put my knitting needles aside when I had babies. Too sharp.

But, I think I will start again this winter. Wine at the elbow sure sounds good.

But, I couldn't make or wear that sweater. I make socks. Big thick ones with 2 different colors of wool that give them a wonderful mottled look and make them extra thick.